mean girls: the musical dream cast

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issac wants mexican and it isn’t food





Man when Lydia said “I’m done with teenage boys” count of hands how many of you thought “GIRLS” and not “cop who needs to stop flirting with high schoolers”

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"As much as I would love to be a person that goes to parties and has a couple of drinks and has a nice time, that doesn’t work for me. I’d just rather sit at home and read, or go out to dinner with someone, or talk to someone I love, or talk to somebody that makes me laugh." — Daniel Radcliffe

Title: American Girl
Artist: Bonnie McKee
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i’m an expert at having a really funny story to tell and then wording it badly enough that it’s not funny anymore

Tea Recs with Lucy, the Amateur Tea Snob




Because I have a fucking cabinet full of tea, it’s ridiculous.

ONE: Basic Tea Needs

The two most basic things you need are a good-sized mug and a steeper. You can gather teapots and tea timers and candlelight warmers, but really you just need the two.

For mugs, it’s all a matter of taste, but I would go for at least 14oz. I have 16oz mugs and one giant 20oz mug, personally.

One mug I really like is Teavana’s Prefectea Glass Mug, because I hugely prefer glass. I thing it maintains temperature better and it lets you see the pretty tea color (which is extra good with stuff like Glitter and Gold, but I’ll talk about that later).


Note this is pretty much the only time I will rec something of Teavana’s. Fuck that company.

As for steepers, it’s a matter of what you like. I prefer stainless steel tea baskets that sit on the rim of the mug like this one from Adagio.


I like these. They’re much lower mess than other methods, IMO. Also, I tend to buy the sorts of tea you can steep twice or thrice, so I take out the steeper and let it sit in another cup until I’m ready for more tea.

I’m not fond of the tea makers that have you steep the tea in a vessel then filter it into your cup. I’ve used them in the past, but they’re a pain to clean and after a few months, they do get really gross. I got into the habit of taking the things apart to fully wash them out every week, and they still got pretty ick.

As for tea balls, I find they leak too much, and adding in more sugar for a second brew is too much trouble. YMMV though.

TWO: Things to keep in mind

1. Steep times are important for teas. Every tea is a little different on how long it needs to be brewed before you drink it. Black teas are the hardest to fuck up, but green teas and white teas are a bit tougher. Herbal will always have to brew extra because usually it’s not actually tea, it’s herbs and fruit and stuff, so give them time. 

Similarly, subsequent brews will either take two minutes longer to get the right taste or will take two minutes less, in my experience. Trial and error on that one. Look for the tea’s color and smell, guess well. (This is part of why I lean so hard of glass mugs.)

2. Water temperature is important. WATER TEMPERATURE IS IMPORTANT. All the teas you order should hopefully come with instructions on brew time and water temp, but rule of thumb: rolling boil for herbal tea, slightly less hot for black tea, and just under a boil for green and white. ESPECIALLY green tea. Brew green too hot and it’ll come out bitter as fuck.

3. Keeping teas is not as difficult as Teavana will have you believe. You can actually just keep your tea in the plastic or paper bag it arrives in. It’s only when you get into high quantities that you need to worry about storage, but by the time you get there you’ll be wanting to look into that yourself. My only tip there is avoid Teavana’s storage tins, they sealing ring on the inside fucking breaks.

4. Also, white tea doesn’t cure cancer. 

5. Just…. avoid Teavana and all their bullshit if you can, jesus christ.

THREE: oh hay actual recs

Okay, I really like three places for ordering tea. The one I’ve used the least but still really like is Tealuxe. Their chai teas are excellent. Try their masala chai for a good spicy kick in the teeth. I’m more partial to their Tra Que Chai, which is milder and sweeter.

Adagio is that place everyone uses to make fandom blends. They have a HUUUUGE selection to choose from, and I couldn’t begin to talk about their stuff. I will say that all of the rooibos teas are very good, and I find their vanilla rooibos better than their honeybush vanilla. Their chai sampler is full of amazing and is a good starting place for teas (I even like their chocolate chai, and I don’t like chocolate).

I will warn that their flavors section is never quite as strong as I like, possibly because they’re all just flavored ceylon, and I don’t like ceylon.

I’m not a green tea fan, but their kukicha green is a very refreshing nice green. The earl grey lavender is one of my favorite black teas as well.

Now, my favorite. Light of my life, David’s Teas. Dear gooood I love these guys. Their blends are phenomenal, their presentation is really excellent, and they have my absolute favorite tea. They also include samples, so I’ll just go over everything I’ve tried.

Cookie Dough: this is a white tea that actually tastes exactly like cookie dough. It’s amazing. VERY much a dessert tea, though. 

Genmaicha: this is a very, very good green tea. It has toasted rice in it, and it lends it a veeeery sweet, nutty taste. You may actually want to cut back on the sugar with this one.

Mulberry Magic: herbal tea. Now, I do not like fruit teas. At all. But this works for me so hard. It’s a very unique, delicious taste. I got this as a sample and I rebrewed every cup to stretch it out. So so good. But don’t add milk to it, it kills the taste.

Buttered Rum: Ooooooh my god. Okay this is a black tea and it is… creamy and sweet without being dessert-y and so good. Anyone who knows me knows I do not drink at all because I cannot abide the taste of alcohol, but if you wanna make this into the best tea ever? Add a bit of coconut rum to the tea. It’s amaaaazing.

Cream of Earl Grey: Black tea. The best earl grey you will ever have. New to tea? This may be the perfect start.

Stormy Night: Black tea with coconut, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and chocolate. Literally chunks of chocolate. An excellent tea, though I personally find that if I drink more than two cups in quick succession, I feel sick? But that might just be my thing with chocolate. 

I would link to Root Beer, which is a tea that perfectly emulates root beer to a degree that is unnerving, but it’s not on the site…. SO MY FAVORITE TEA:

Glitter and Gold: Dear. God. In. Heaven. There is so much to this tea that I love. It’s a very light black tea with cinnamon, orange, cloves, and sugar balls. The sugar balls are the best part; they are these gold spheres in the drink that, when it is steeped, result in a delicious tea that has actual fucking glitter and sparkles floating around in it. I am not kidding, it’s the yummiest tea ever and it has fucking pixie dust in it. This is why a glass mug is a must for me. It’s the best, I cannot get over it.


So yeah. I finally made a tea post like I said I would ages ago. Hope this is helpful to some of y’all! If not, sorry for rambling on so much.

Well, I know I’m going to be stocking up on buttered rum after my next paycheck. Yay tea!


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Title: Never Let Me Go
Artist: Florence and The Machine
Played: 27663 times

Florence and the Machine - Never Let Me Go


So here are 2 OCs. The girl is Bianca, the guy is Pierre. They belong to Jaz and me respectively and they are a cool duet. Pierre’s basically this lazy shit who drifts through life and Bianca likes to tag along to annoy him and hook him up with people in her head and he, as you can see, is just so done with her.

well, bianca makes him lattes so it’s not like she’s totally useless. they’re both jerks to each other but we love them anyway

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